Here-ye, here-ye: This is a public Announcement for 'all' to know and abide by. 


'MerchantRumors'™   is a  pending Trade Mark®

For the Record:

FIRST USE: 20120213   FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20120213



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If its necessary, we will exert all means to protect our 'good trade name' and pursue all avenues available to prevent the improper usage  by anyone else; 

and further if needed, to allow judicial 'review and determination' in the 'State of Texas' on any violation by others;  for any violation of current 

regulations/laws so stated by 'Constitutional & Common' laws of the 'State of Texas',  the 'United States',  U. S. Trade Mark Office (USPTO), 

the U. S. Copyright Office and or  ICANN for all those  laws or regulations  governed for this pending 'trade mark', 

including any claims against CyberSquatters or TypoSquatters.




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